Google Street View showcases Mexia, circa 2008

Fitch’s Signs and Nabors Cleaners sport entirely different looks today, at right, than they did in the photo at left, taken from Google’s Street View. Visitors to the Street View website can take a ‘walk’ through a time capsule of Mexia captured in February 2008.

By Brenda Sommer
Managing Editor

If you’ve ever wanted to travel in time, but not wander too far back, Google’s online map feature Street View is just the place for you.

The Google Maps website allows a viewer to look at a traditional map from the viewpoint of a fixed point in the sky, with choices available to show combinations of labeled roads, satellite views and even traffic congestion.

When a viewer zooms in as far as they can to a location, the icon of a man appears, and where-ever the icon is dragged, the viewpoint evolves into street-level views photographed from roadways in big cities and little towns across the world.

In other words, it’s like you can walk down the road, rather than see it from the sky.

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