Limestone County’s Eric Ayala runs NYC Marathon

Though suffering from a cold and running in low temperatures and high winds, Limestone County’s Eric Ayala completes the New York City Marathon on Nov. 3, placing 212th out of 47,000. Contributed photo/Tiffany Ayala

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Limestone County’s Eric Ayala, the seemingly perennial winner of Mexia’s July 4th Firecracker 5K Run the past few years, ran in the New York City Marathon Nov. 3.

He placed a decent 212th out of 47,000, with a time of 2:47 in the 26-mile event.

His mother, Tracey Vasquez, of Mexia, is not at all surprised. The fact that he would someday be a runner was evident early in his life, she said recently.

“I should have known then that he was going to be a marathon runner because he would literally run all day long in circles around the house,” she said. Not run around inside the house; run around the outside of the house.

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