County mulls joining GCD – passes for now

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
At Monday’s commissioners court meeting, Limestone County Judge Daniel Burkeen told the commissioners he had met the previous Friday with David Bailey, director of Mid-Texas Groundwater Conservation District, which covers Freestone, Leon and Madison counties. Burkeen reminded the court that in the past Limestone County has decided not to join a groundwater conservation district.
“(The court) had talked about going into a water conservation district in the past and we had gotten input from Mr. (Brent) Locke about that and decided not to do that,” Burkeen said. “From talking to Mr. Bailey, it still looks like we don’t need to do that, except for the future, protecting ourselves. We are in a diminishing number of counties that are not in a groundwater conservation district. Where we sit on the aquifer and so forth, with the current exemptions in place, it didn’t look like there was any overwhelming current need for that, unless we want to do that to protect ourselves.”
Burkeen said Bailey would speak to his directors to see if it would be a feasible option for Limestone County to join their GCD at some point if Limestone County decides to join one.

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