Letter: Gun control not the answer

Much has been said lately on the subject of gun control. While I don’t agree with some of what I’ve heard and read I respect the rights of others to express those opinions….that’s our First Amendment Rights and part of our Bill of Rights (free speech). I thought I’d submit my opinion as well. My thoughts are:
• The gun or the criminal. It is an irrefutable fact that some of those cities which have adapted the most stringent gun control laws have the highest gun related crimes. Gun control simply doesn’t prevent gun related crimes. An enlightened person will therefore conclude it is not the gun per se but the criminal use of that gun. Blaming (and eliminating) the gun would be like blaming your pencil for spelling errors.
Therefore, a better ap­proach (addressing the cause rather than the effect) would be more severe punishment for those crimes committed with a gun and a vetting process by local law enforcement for gun ownership.
• The nut cases. If you’ve followed the news regarding the senseless mass shootings (such as New Jersey) you already know each of these perpetrators were nut cases. I can use this term because I’m not politically correct to begin with (no apologies offered). All the anti-gun control laws you might think of wouldn’t have prevented a single one of these de­plor­able, despicable crimes.
Again, it’s the perpetrator, not the gun nor the legitimate, peaceful gun owner. What to do? A gun owner vetting process and police protection in our schools is in order. Gun safety/respect courses for young people would help. Deadly violence via guns depicted by Hollywood doesn’t help. Parents and educators teaching respect for fellow human beings and civic responsibility wouldn’t hurt either.
• High capacity magazines. This is the most peculiar issue of all. Just think about it for a minute. A good citizen wouldn’t walk into a school room and shoot innocent children no matter how many cartridges his/her rifle held. On the other hand no matter how few cartridges a deranged person had, he/she might commit that crime.
• Our Constitutional rights. It is my firm opinion we should always be very cautious about surrendering our Constitutional Rights. It’s literally what defines our American freedom… without it we are lost. Further, I’ve also always been skeptical of those who espouse surrendering those freedoms. The right for our citizens to bear arms is our Second Amendment Rights and is in our Bill of Rights.
Our founding fathers put it there for a very good reason. Surrendering any of these freedoms is a slippery slope. Once we give away our rights to bear arms it’s not such a great step to surrendering our First Amendment Rights also (see above). Our Constitution is all that stands between us and tyranny. Beware when the camel’s nose is under the tent! God bless America
Logan Wilson