Mexia software engineer moves the money

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
When people pay with a check, they tend to think of it as just another form of money, but once the check is accepted by the payee, it takes on a secret life in an unseen, electronic world – and a man in Mexia is a key player in that world.
Tommy Eves is an advanced software architect for Jack Henry and Associates and is one of three people charged with making sure the money deposited each day into banks and credit unions serviced by Jack Henry and Associates gets “moved,” that is, gets credited electronically by that night.
Recently, Eves explained his incredibly complex job to members of the Rotary Club of Mexia. His office is near Dallas, but he does much of his work from his Mexia home.
He started in his field and spent most of his career at Electronic Data Systems, a multinational information technology company based in Plano, and spent most of his career there. He began as a system engineer but made a big change early on.
“I decided to switch over to the software side; and that’s unusual, to go from infrastructure to software,” he said.
Many people wouldn’t want to do that because he had to start over in certain respects. But he did it and stayed with EDS several more years becoming an advanced software engineer. Now, though, he works at Jack Henry and Associates.
Jack Henry was one of the first to develop software for banks to use to process financial transactions.

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