County interviews potential jail managers

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Four prison management companies submitted bids to run Limestone County’s private prison, and representatives of each made a presentation to commissioners court at Friday’s specially called meeting for this purpose.
The representatives answered questions from members of the court as well as from attorney Herb Bristow, who often represents the county in legal matters.
The four companies that placed bids to run the Limestone County Detention Center were:
• Management and Training Corp. – With corporate headquarters in Utah, MTC has been running Job Corps for the U.S. Department of Labor for 45 years; it has been running correctional facilities for 26 years. It runs 22 correctional facilities in nine states including two federal Bureau of Prison contracts in Texas and one in California.
• Emerald Corrections Management – Based in Lafayette, La., Emerald has been in business 17 years and currently operates seven prisons: three in Texas, two in Louisiana, one in New Mexico and one in Arizona.
• LaSalle Corrections – With Texas offices in Dripping Springs, LaSalle has been in business 16 years and operates 11 correctional facilities in Texas and Louisiana.
• Detention Management Services – LCDC warden and administrator Mike Sutton, who has been running the county’s private prison for the last 13 years, said he would be willing to run the LCDC under this company name. He indicated his offer was mainly made s a stopgap measure.