MISD hopes to upgrade high school kitchen

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Mexia Independent School District board members at their May 20 meeting agreed to take steps to improve the high school kitchen.

James Slater, executive director of business and finance, presented a proposal to the board that included upgrades including adding a dishwasher, disposer, steam hood, some tables and racks. The estimated costs total $36,173, which required board approval since it exceeded $25,000.

To install a dishwasher, additional electrical work and plumbing is needed, also a vent to the outside, which means cutting a hole in the roof.

“When they redid the roof, they closed it all off,” Slater said. “Now we have to go back up and put all that through the roof again. That’s why we have to have the plumbers out and the electricians.”

At previous school board meetings, Slater had said the district’s increased revenue from the breakfast-in-the-classroom program would be used for needed improvements to the cafeteria.