Editorial: True barriers to immigration solution

Fences, border patrol agents and unmanned aerial vehicles may be the answer to passing comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, but they are not the answer to truly solving the problem.

As the two sides come closer together on a bill with any chance of passing both houses, measures have been included calling for an additional 700 miles of border fence, 20,000 additional border patrol officers and special surveillance provisions in an effort to appease many Republicans.

As with most immigration debates, we are discussing two issues – how to keep people from coming in illegally and how to deal with those already here. But we are neglecting what may be the most important, third-part of the problem – how to make it unappealing to be here illegally.

All the fence in the world will not keep illegals out of the United States. The border with Mexico is just under 2,000 miles long and that doesn’t even take into account the shoreline in California or the Gulf coast that is vulnerable. Even additional agents and better technology will not keep everyone out.

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