Extreme drought returning to Bistone area

By Brenda Sommer
Managing Editor

It’s only June, but 95 percent of Texas is in a state of drought, a number that’s basically stayed the same for the last year.
The most recent drought report from the Texas Water Development Board notes continuing drought with slight improvements.
“While the flooding in Eagle Pass was troubling, those rainfalls resulted in Falcon Reservoir rising more than five feet,” the report states. “The most recent drought outlook is promising for East Texas (most predicted to be out of drought in three months) but troubling for West Texas (continuing and developing drought).
Current drought statistics show 95 percent of the state was in drought a week ago, 96 percent was in drought three months ago and 90 was in drought a year ago.
Brent Locke is general manager of Bistone Municipal Water Supply District, which supplies the city of Mexia with water.
“Conservation of the resources we have available is key,” Locke said. “Truly valuing water as a limited resource, we require a new mindset on water as truly being precious.”
Limestone County is under a burn ban with pastures turning to dust, and figures back up the severity of the problem here.

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