Prison renovations may entice fed contract

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

MTC, the company that is now running Limestone County’s private prison, is working with the county to prepare the facility to compete for a lucrative, long-term contract the federal government is offering. Preliminary details of the plan, called CAR-XV, were discussed at Monday’s commissioners court meeting.

“CAR XV comes about just because other contracts are ending,” County Judge Daniel Burkeen explained later. “There are two parts, A and B. The A part calls for a prison in the Northeast. The B part calls for a prison in the south. We will be competing for the B contract. We are cheaper than a lot of areas because federal wage rates are lower here, which makes us very competitive.”

The number of beds required is a minimum of 1,565 and a maximum of 2000, with an ability to add up to 15 percent more beds. That’s significantly more than what the Limestone County Detention Center can hold now, which is 1,035, according to LCDC Warden and Administrator Mike Sutton. MTC bid to run the LCDC with this CAR-XV contract in view.

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