Letter: Donation deadline near

The Mexia Academic Sweater and Scholarship Fund will close its books for the year on July 31.

This will be in order to determine the amount of money that is available for scholarships. The scholarship amounts are different each year depending on the amount of money that is received during the year.

This is the last year that sweaters will be awarded, and Mexia High School blankets will be given to students who earn them by achieving in their school work.

Should you or your organization wish to make a contribution and be recognized in the 2013 program, please send your donation before the end of July.

The awards and scholarships are contributed by the people of Mexia and other interested individuals to honor the excellence of work while the students are in Mexia High School. Many Mexia High School classes make contributions to honor classmates. As people make memorials for former graduates, a notation is made of the year they graduated, if it is known.

Several trusts and CDs have been donated, and the interest from these is used each year. Contributions have been made simply to honor individuals, and they are listed in the program. Many businesses have helped by making contributions.

Many contributions are made in memory of those who have passed away. Those who make contributions that are not memorials are invited to be on stage and present awards.

There has always been much interest in this program, and it helps motivate students to work to the best of their ability. Miss Ilene Westmoreland and Miss Nanine Simmons, with the help of the Mexia Woman’s Friday Club, began this program in 1960.
Donations may be sent to P.O. Box 534, Mexia, TX 76667. For questions, call 254-729-3628.

Helen Plummer