County tweaks LCDC bed price to save jobs

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Though the Limestone County Detention Center is virtually closed since it has no inmates, county officials say they are looking for a new source of inmates. At last Monday’s meeting, commissioners took care of various LCDC business, heard about a power outage at the Fairgrounds and considered switching to off-road diesel to save money.

County Judge Daniel Burkeen expressed confidence in finding a new source of inmates, saying they are working on problem.
“People need to understand it’s an up-and-down business all the time,” he said. “This has happened before; it’s the end of the budget year. We will (get inmates); it’s just a matter of finding them sooner rather than later. The new federal budget kicks in, in October. Immigration legislation is pending; that’ll call for more beds. So, there’s a lot of good possibilities. It’s just a matter of trying to minimize the down time.”

He said there is a skeleton staff at the LCDC overseeing the maintenance work being done.

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