Gala a chance to improve MSSLC residents’ lives

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Though residents at the Mexia State Supported Living Center have their most basic needs met, compassionate people in and around Mexia and Limestone County agreed more than 50 years ago that they needed to do something to make the residents’ lives better. So, they founded the Volunteer Council to provide the extra things of life that go a long way to doing just that for MSSLC residents.

Making that happen, however, costs money, so fundraising is vital to fulfilling the goals. Cheryl Cockrell, community liaison for the Mexia State Supported Living Center, spoke to the Mexia Lions Club recently on the Volunteer Council’s biggest fundraiser, its annual gala and auction, which is coming up Saturday evening, Aug. 10. Doors open at 5:30, and the gala starts at 6. Tickets are $25 and are being sold now for the event, which will be held at the Christian Life Center at First Baptist Church.