Northland apologizes for service outages

By Brenda Sommer
Managing Editor

Northland Communications has issued a press release apologizing for two recent regional outages including one Wednesday.

"Northland Communications customers within the Mexia, Groesbeck, Teague and Fairfield areas have recently been affected by area-wide Internet and phone service outages due to damages to a fiber optic cable on two separate occasions," the release stated.

"The recent outage on Wednesday, Aug. 7 was an area-wide issue not only affecting Northland customers, but residents and merchants of other service providers as well. As of late Wednesday afternoon service was restored by AT&T technicians."
A highway shredder severed a fiber optic cable west of Mexia Wednesday morning, cutting off cell phone, long distance and Internet service to the Mexia and other nearby cities, and even impacting 911 service.

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