Counterfeit bill errors a giveaway

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

When counterfeit bills were passed in Waco recently, the public was told to be careful to watch for the fake bills. Bill Wright, of Mexia, however, thought to himself, “Well how in the world are we going to be experienced enough to understand when we pick up a $20 bill and know if it’s counterfeit?”

When he posed that question to the Mexia Police Department, he found that there are often differences that give away bad greenbacks people should be aware of.

Subsequently, Mexia Police Officer Cpl. Brian Bell spoke on counterfeit currency to the Mexia Lions Club, upon Wright’s invitation.

“So many times counterfeit currency is passed from one individual to the other with neither of them having any idea it was counterfeit,” Bell said by way of introduction to the subject.

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