Turnovers lead to momentum shift in Blackcats’ loss

By Stephen R. Farris
Mexia News Sports

If you live by the sword, sometimes you die by the sword … or something like that.

With a 1-3 start so far this season, that’s kind of how the Mexia Blackcats might be feeling right now after Friday night’s loss to the Waco Connally Cadets, considering the fact that for three solid quarters the defense held solid in giving up only 10 points.

Now don’t get me wrong, this defensive unit of Mexia’s gave the Cadets more than they bargained for with hard hitting, smash mouth football and out of at least four trips inside the Blackcats red zone (that’s inside the 20-yard line for those not familiar with the lingo) held Connally to only a field goal.

There were other factors that were involved such as untimely turnovers and the fact that the defense spent more time on the field in the first (11:23) and fourth quarters (6:36), so it was evident this unit was clearly exhausted by the time this game was starting to wind down.

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