Column: Observations a’plenty on the government shutdown

By Mike Eddleman

You might think observing a government that has shuttered many of its offices and has turned its tradition of being ineffective into an art form by grinding to a halt might be very boring, but there have been many nuggets of knowledge along the way.
These are not gold nuggets, mind you: They are more like lumps of coal, but sometimes we have to get past the shiny parts to really see the truth.

Where’s the budget?
The government “shut down” at midnight Monday as the fiscal year drew to a close. The fiscal year has always ended Sept. 30 so the deadline to have a new budget in place did not sneak up on anyone in Congress. There is no moving target here. Think of it as a college term paper, but one that earns everyone in America an F when it is not completed on time.

No budget is no surprise. Our federal government really does not work within the framework of a budget these days, it simply authorizes the spending of more money on the same old things and we continue into the financial unknown.

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