Downpours drench county, flood roadways

By Brenda Sommer
Managing Editor

The rains that began Friday night, adding quite a bit of spectacle to the halftime show at the Mexia Blackcats Homecoming game, are expected to stay with us through at least Wednesday.

The weather station used by Weather Underground shows Mexia received 1.78 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday. A gauge at Lake Mexia totaled 2.04 inches over the weekend.

The Keetch-Byram Drought Index Limestone County average on Thursday was 404, with a high of 573 and low of 225. By Monday, the average had dropped to 242, with a high of 446 and a low of 31.

The KDBI, used to determine forest fire potential, ranges from 0 to 800. A KDBI of 0 is water-logged soil to a depth of at least 8 inches, while 800 represents bone dry conditions to that same depth.