Property owner road error dispute heating up

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Limestone County commissioners court addressed what has been an ongoing dispute with the members of the Morgan family, who own four small adjacent lots on LCR 198 near its intersection with LCR 189. The family has appeared in court twice but is now working with attorneys to get the road moved.

The problem started about 2003 or 2004, when the county Road and Bridge Department, in paving the road in front of the Morgans’ land, impinged on a portion of it, turning a corner into a curve. The family doesn’t live in Limestone County so they didn’t notice the error immediately. When they did, they waited several more years to approach the county about it.

It first came to the attention of the commissioners court June 25, 2012, when several family members came to court for help with the problem. The court acknowledged the county was at fault and, since the family had told the court they were considering selling the land, the court told the Morgans when the family had a survey done, the county would move the road.

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