Column: U.S. spying on friends not a betrayal, not a surprise

By Michael Eddleman
Editor and Publisher

“How can we believe a man who would sell out his friends?”
“Dumkopf! Who else are you supposed to sell out? You can’t betray enemies!”

No truer words have ever been spoken about the world of espionage, despite the fact these quotes came from the “Get Smart” comedy series.

There has been quite an uproar in international circles over the extent of U.S. spying and eavesdropping around the world – especially when it comes to our “friends.”

We were all up in arms when former National Security Agency (NSA) worker Edward Snowden revealed the agency was collecting data on Americans domestically through phone records. While we are not as bothered by similar news about our snooping in the business of foreign governments and leaders, many of them have perked up and shown their consternation and offense at the practice.