Think before speaking

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw could have never dreamed that this quote could say much more than the 14 words he took to say them. Communication is the beginning and the end of many great relationships. Shaw, however, never knew that communication would grow the lengths that it has today.
Information is coming to us every second, and we have to decide how we react to the information that we are receiving. Communicating with each other is not as thought out as it was in Shaw’s day and time. Many times we communicate ideas, stories, and opinions without thinking about what we have said. I bring up communication because I feel that somewhere along the way the communication between our community and Mexia ISD has waned over the last few years. There have been many changes over the last five years in Mexia ISD that have warranted this change in the way we communicate. We seem to have gone from going to our school teachers, administrators and faculty members face to face to discuss issues concerning Mexia ISD, to venting our frustrations on Facebook about the situations without getting the entire story from both sides. This frustration tends to damage the reputation of our school and our town. I’m certainly not suggesting that Facebook be censored, but I think that if we just stop for five minutes before we type something that we will never be able to take back, we will see that there was a misunderstanding that may have occurred.
In closing, I feel like we all should challenge ourselves to open up those lines of communications, not only with Mexia ISD, but with every aspect of life. Oftentimes we miss out on relationships simply by not communicating with one another. So if we find ourselves with an issue, go directly to the source and talk things out face to face. We will soon find that the disagreement was nothing more than a misunderstanding.
Justin Seale