Septic officer may now cite violators

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Limestone County commissioners have now authorized Sam Callis, the county’s On-Site Septic Facility Officer, to issue citations for out-of-compliance septic facilities.

Commissioners handled this and several other matters concerning law enforcement at last week’s commissioners court meeting.

The former county OSSF representative, the late Buddy Stewart, was a peace officer, so he was already authorized to give people tickets for offenses. Callis, however, is not a peace officer, so the court had to give him the authority to issue the citations.

“He’s doing a good job, but he doesn’t have the same enforcement authority,” County Judge Daniel Burkeen said of Callis at the meeting. “This is something that does not come up very often. Most of the time, he works with people; they take care of business and there’s not a problem. But once in a while, and it’s not very often, there’s the need to issue a citation, or at least have the authority to do that, to back up requiring these people to comply with the law. So the health and safety code gives us authority to authorize Sam to issue those citations. And they would go to the JP court of whatever precinct they are in.

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