PAWS program develops good traits

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Elementary school is about reading, math and science, but it is also the time to build positive character traits in children while they are open to influence, and Mexia’s A.B. McBay Elementary School is doing that.

McBay Principal Shelli Killingsworth took a program she had been using in a small way last year to help students have a good mindset about school and has transformed it into a full-blown method of developing good character in her students.

One goal of the Rotary Club of Mexia is to have a significant and positive influence on the children of Mexia, encouraging them to develop positive character traits. The club sponsored last year’s character development program at McBay involving “knights” riding horses, which was quite effective. Rotarians were pleased with the results but worked with Killingsworth to come up with a method of using the same principles to help the students in a more cost-effective manner.

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