Retired salesman finds true calling in antique tractors

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Everybody needs to have a hobby, says Jack Beene, of Mexia, and his love of old tractors defines his.

Beene, now retired from sales and marketing after 38 years with Temple-Inland, spends a good deal of his free time restoring old tractors. He never tires of working on, talking about, or driving them. Recently, he spoke on his hobby to his fellow members of the Rotary Club of Mexia.

“I’ve always enjoyed the farm and tinkering with things,” he said. “My great-granddad bought the farm in 1893. His son, my granddad, had it after that, then my dad farmed after my granddad.”

That makes Jack Beene and his brothers, Don Beene and Bobby Beene, the fourth generation to own the farm. They divided up the original land among themselves and each has his house, but they share in a cattle business.

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