Front brings bitter cold, but no records set

By Brenda Sommer
Managing Editor

Mexia survived its portion of the notorious “Polar Vortex” that brought horrifyingly low temperatures to most all of the country earlier this week, but no records were broken and the front has moved on.

Historically, the average January temperatures for Mexia have been a daily high of 57.4 and a low of 35.3, according to figures gathered during the years 1904 through 2012.

On the night of Sunday, Jan. 5, the low here reached 25.4 degrees. On Monday, the low dropped to 16.5 degrees, while Tuesday night, Jan. 7, the temperature fell to 18.2 degrees.

Blisteringly cold though they were, none of these temperatures set a record. According to data from the Western Regional Climate Center, which includes records from 1904 to present, the record low for Jan. 5 was 11 degrees, which occurred in 1942. That same year, the next night’s low (Jan. 6) set the record, at 12 degrees, while the record low for Jan. 7 was set in 1912, at 9 degrees.

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