ESD No. 2 gets appointments; No. 1 not yet

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Limestone County commissioners court filled the two slots on Emergency Services District No. 2 but did not take action on appointing a board member to ESD No. 1’s open spot at last week’s meeting.

Board member Sherry Pilot had indicated she did not want to be reappointed to ESD No. 1, County Judge Daniel Burkeen told the court, but he only found out late in the previous week, so no potential replacement had yet been found.

Also regarding ESD No. 1, former board member Frank Johnson appeared in court to discuss potential problems with the current board.

“I have concerns but it’s not regarding appointments,” Johnson said. “My concern was an email I received from their bank – I forwarded that to you earlier in the week – and I don’t want that to reflect on me, being a prior treasurer and board member. My concern is they are not dealing with their banking matters since September. I wanted to go to a December meeting, which they didn’t have. So that’s two meetings that I know of they didn’t have last year. I just wanted to make everybody aware of it.”

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