All-volunteer Caritas a marvel to organizers

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Those who run Mexia food pantry and thrift store Caritas still look back in wonder at the life-altering change they made to their organization when they went all-volunteer five years ago.
They had been struggling to fund three paid workers and trying to price the second-hand items they sell in their store – at the corner of Commerce and McKinney streets – at what they hoped were reasonable prices. The problem was, they were losing money.
“One of the primary reasons we were going to all-volunteer operations was the fact that the 18 months prior, we were losing $1,500 a month to operate the store,” said Caritas board member Andrew Taulton. “We had to do something; we couldn’t operate the store at that type of loss because we just didn’t have the funds.”
Then the inspiration hit them: from now on, they would only use volunteers to accomplish their mission to help Mexia’s most struggling residents.

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