Low-cost cat spay/neuter program extended through March

At its board meeting Monday, March 10, LARAS House reiterated its commitment to getting dogs and cats in Limestone County spayed or neutered as soon as they can have the surgery.
Board members worked hard during the month of February, which was designated as National Spay Month, to see that the word was spread locally of the importance of this mission.
“One thing that really helped us was the commitment by Limestone Veterinary Hospital to offer reduced-cost spay and neuter operations to local cat owners," said board member Orma Williams. "About 75 cats got fixed at the local clinic.”
The board discussed plans to aid other animal owners in the months ahead, particularly just ahead of the National Spay Month next February.
Limestone Veterinary Hospital thought that the cat neuter program it offered in February was so successful that it would continue it in March to help LARAS House reduce the number of unwanted cats in Limestone County.
The clinic will continue to offer the cat surgeries on Wednesdays and Thursdays during March at $25 for neuters and $35 for spays. There is an extra charge of $10 for pregnant cats or for cats needing rabies shots.
Cat owners can contact Limestone Veterinary Hospital at 254-729-2808 to schedule the surgeries.