Texting and driving bad as drinking and driving

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Drivers who wouldn’t dream of drinking and driving are putting themselves and others at risk by texting or even just talking on a cell phone while driving. That is the message of Marcy McFarland, trauma coordinator at Parkview Regional Hospital, in Mexia.
In her work at the hospital, McFarland has seen her share of motor vehicle crash victims. She recently spoke to the Mexia Lions Club on this subject and is looking for other venues where she can talk about this sometimes unacknowledged dangerous behavior.
“A lot of us, since cell phones have come into play, have a sense they help our business role and we’re able to keep up with our customers and not let them wait like we used to with pagers and things like that to get to a phone,” McFarland said. “There are a lot of advantages to having all our technical equipment we use today, but there is also a downfall. Over the last couple of years, we have been extremely concerned about the number of injuries and motor vehicle crashes that we can attribute to either someone being on a cell phone or someone texting.

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