County unlikely to get Courthouse grant, says Callis

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Although Limestone County Maintenance Supervisor Sam Callis applied on behalf of the county for funds from the state Historical Commission to renovate the Courthouse, he told commissioners court Monday he doesn’t have much hope for receiving the grant.
Callis told the court he had gone to Austin the previous week to testify before the Historical Commission on needed repairs at the Courthouse, but he said other counties had courthouses that seemed in much more dire need of repair than that of Limestone, so he didn’t have much expectation of getting any funding this year.
He noted that $17 million had been requested by various counties, but the commission only had $4 million available.
“Hopefully next year they can find more money to give to those guys who can reapply for these grants each and every year to try to do something to keep the Courthouse straight,” he said.
Callis reported that one repair to the Limestone Courthouse could not wait, so he replaced a catch pan above the transformer in the basement.
On a different subject, Callis told the court there were five storage units full of miscellaneous office furniture and equipment, and other old used items the county needs to get rid of. He said he had taken some items to Kennedy Auctions to sell but some had not received a single bid. The court agreed to hold an auction of the items in May. Callis said he would confer with the Auditor’s Office to choose a good day.

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