County to maintain flood control structures

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Limestone County commissioners voted at their April 14 meeting to keep maintaining the flood control structures in the northwest part of the county as a way to prevent larger flooding issues.

Ed Schwille, of the Limestone-Falls Soil and Water Conservation Board, which oversees the operation and maintenance of the structures, reported to the court about his plans to apply herbicide to control the brush around the structures in May and June. He said he would need about $7,000 to buy what he needed for the project. He had appeared before the court last month telling the commissioners they would need to consider this upcoming expense.

County Judge Daniel Burkeen told Schwille he had been notified by the Natural Resources Conservation Service that some of the dams in Limestone County were at the end of their expected lifespans, and suggested the county apply for funds to replace them.

“There were five structures which had reached their lifespan of 50 years,” Schwille said, “so the NRCS said that basically they were relinquishing their involvement in the reconstruction of those structures, the dollars to it. They still retain the technical assistance for work to be done. It is still the court’s and district’s responsibility to maintain operation and maintenance work.”

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