Off-season program promises payoff in fall

By Stephen R. Farris
Mexia News Sports

This spring’s off-season program is shaping up well for Blackcat athletes. Athletic Director Lamonte Chambers has implemented some new tools in this year’s program that should pay off nicely for the upcoming athletic year ahead.

The off-season program plays a big part in the overall athletic program at Mexia High School and in the middle school as well, according to Coach Chambers.

The program is broken down into groups formed of athletes from all sports, providing leadership skills and educational skills that will help give Mexia athletes an all-around edge not just on the playing field, but in the classroom and life in general.
The leadership phase of the program is broken down into three aspects, academics, discipline and workouts.

“It’s not just all about athletics,” said Girl’s Coach Randy Barger, who is helping Coach Chambers oversee the program. “It’s about how they conduct themselves on campus and in the classroom, too.”

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