County to auction retired iron bridge online

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners have agreed to sell on the Internet a bridge that the Road and Bridge Department removed from LCR 192. The bridge was closed about a month ago by orders of the Texas Department of Transportation.
County Engineer Ted Kantor said at the commissioners court’s April 14 meeting that the structure was a worn pony truss bridge and he has had several inquiries into it. Commissioner William “Pete” Kirven said he had several inquiries, too. The court agreed to allow auctioneer Jerry Kennedy to sell it on his website.
County Judge Daniel Burkeen noted that most people interested in the bridge were local and asked that those interested be notified about the website. He also said Kennedy would post any required legal notices. The bridge is at the Road and Bridge Department
In other matters, Commissioner Jerry Allen reported there had been no vehicle accidents since the last meeting. Burkeen noted that there had been an accidental fire, however, when a truck belonging to the Road and Bridge Department caught on fire and burned.

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