County to cut LCDC warden, hire maintenance man

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners voted to cancel their contract with Mike Sutton, the longtime warden of the Limestone County Detention Center, but they made clear it was nothing personal.
After nearly a year of fruitless searches for new inmates for the county-owned private prison, the court agreed at its meeting Monday, May 12, to take a significant step to reduce the weight of its expense on county coffers.
“Judge, I believe we’ve come to the point where we probably need to give our management company a 30-day notice,” Commissioner John McCarver told County Judge Daniel Burkeen, referring to the interim company Sutton put together to keep the prison operational while Sutton and Burkeen, possibly others, searched for a new source of inmates.
“Let me just update everybody on where we stand on inmates,” Burkeen said.
“CAR-XV – We don’t know yet,” he said, referring to a longterm federal contract the county has been competing for, for more than a year. “We’re on the short list, but they’ve gone back to requiring that all beds be put in place by March of last year – which makes no sense, but it’s the federal government, so it doesn’t have to make sense. So we still don’t know one way or another on that, but it’s not anything we can count on.

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