Commissioners, judge, LCDC operator at odds

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Although Limestone County commissioners court met in executive session Monday about the future of the Limestone County Detention Center, disagreements and accusations among the members of the court about running the now-vacant prison and the contract with longtime center administrator Mike Sutton came out into the open before the session and afterward.
It began just before the executive session, when Commissioner John McCarver asked County Judge Daniel Burkeen why he delayed in sending the 30-day termination notice letter to Sutton that had been voted upon at the May 12 meeting.
“When we gave you an order to send Sutton that letter on May 12, I was curious why you didn’t do it until May 23,” McCarver said.
“Just – I was tied up with some other stuff,” Burkeen told him.
“If you had told us, we could have gotten that letter out,” McCarver said.

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