End to NRG/county squabble may be near

Limestone County commissioners learned at Monday’s commissioners court meeting that the NRG Energy Plant, whose 2013 valuation is in dispute in district court, has come to an agreement on its 2014 valuation, which it had also initially rejected.
The relationship between NRG and the county, which is usually positive, became strained in 2013 when NRG disputed the Limestone County Appraisal Board’s $724 million valuation of its power plant. That was a drop from the previous year’s valuation, of $765,765,000 for 2012. The prescribed method for resolving such differences is for NRG to file a lawsuit against the county in district court, which it did.
So when the initial 2014 valuation of $696 million was assessed, it was perhaps not surprising that NRG did not immediately accept that figure either. However, after negotiations, NRG and the Appraisal Board have settled upon a figure of $682,780,100 total market value for 2014, which County Judge Daniel Burkeen announced in his Judge’s Report at Monday’s meeting.

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