County confirms help in upkeep of Old Fort Parker

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners reaffirmed at their June 23 meeting the county’s commitment to share the work of keeping Old Fort Parker mowed and trimmed. They also formalized their calling of a public hearing to close LCR 362 and authorized advertising for bids on a tank to hold red diesel.
Sarah McReynolds, who oversees Old Fort Parker, was at the meeting and noted that the increased rains in the past few months had caused the grass to grow significantly and that she needed help in keeping the facility mowed.
County Judge Daniel Burkeen said the three entities that own the fort, which are Limestone County and the cities of Mexia and Groesbeck, had had a meeting the previous week to address the issues that concern the facility, including mowing and trimming.
McReynolds thanked those who had mowed and said she realized that everyone was having to mow a lot. She said Groesbeck wanted to coordinate its mowing with the county’s trimming.