Rescued pup gets new life, brings happiness

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
The fortunes of a dog abandoned in Mexia rose meteorically last month when it went from almost becoming roadkill to being adopted as the beloved pet of a caring home.
It started when Candy Allen, of Alvarado, was driving to Mexia LTC on Hwy. 171 in early June and almost ran over a dog in the road. Stopping to check on the animal, she was shocked at its condition and put it in her car. Allen was from a sister organization to Mexia LTC and was scheduled to work a couple of days at the Mexia facility. Consequently, she had nowhere to take the dog except in to work with her that day.
“She was very abused,” said Mexia LTC administrator Martha Saling, who was also shocked at the dog’s condition. “She had been dumped. She had a ring around her neck where a collar had obviously been cutting into her neck. Her ribs were showing and she was covered in fleas. She had cuts all over her.”
LVN Alesha Grabs, who is an animal lover as well as a regular employee of Mexia LTC, took charge of the dog and took her home with her after she got off her shift that day.

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