Burn ban not on yet but looming

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

Limestone County commissioners did not initiate a burn ban at their meeting Monday, July 14, but noted the county judge could initiate an emergency burn ban if conditions worsen and warrant one. The court also heard a report on brush reduction around the county’s flood control structures and took care of several financial issues.
“It’s starting to get dry,” said County Judge Daniel Burkeen. “This is the first commissioners court in a long time it hasn’t rained right before.
“Right now the KBDI is in the 300s, so we’re still not at drought level,” he said, referring to the Keetch-Byram Drought Index, a measure of moisture in the land maintained daily by Texas A&M University. The Index ranges from zero, meaning total saturation, to 800, meaning no moisture whatsoever. A measurement of 570 is considered drought, but the commissioners court may initiate a burn ban before the measurement gets that high if they consider conditions dangerous.
“There are areas that are starting to get dry; we’re starting to have some fires,” Burkeen added. “Unless y’all feel different, I think we’re doing OK for now.”

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