County to buy own computer servers

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
The county has decided to buy its own computer servers rather than pay an outside company for the service, and a recent, unrecoverable computer crash of one of the county’s 13 servers has shown the urgency of getting them in place soon.
“We did last weekend have a server for Odyssey crash, and it was unrepairable,” said the county’s Information Technology Director William Lane.
Odyssey is the name of the computer software the county uses to conduct all its business.
“We’re just lucky it was a job server and not something like the database server,” he said. “If that would have crashed and been unrepairable, it would have been catastrophic to the county to lose that much data.”
An unrecoverable crash of the database server would have meant the loss of 15-20 years worth of data that had been entered into the computer, he said.

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