First responders swarm Mexia’s Swarco

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Mexia Fire Department trucks, an EMS unit and several Mexia Police cars responded to Swarco, 900 N. Denton in Mexia, late Tuesday afternoon after a 911 caller was thought to have reported a gas leak. There was no gas leak, but there was a glass leak. Swarco makes the glass beads used in reflective highway and airport markers.
The call came in about 5:25 p.m., said Mexia Police Chief Richard Hawthorne, and first responders were on the scene of the company within a few minutes.
“Basically, we had a small failure of part of our manufacturing process,” said David Beshirs, general manager of the Mexia facility. “At no point in time was there any danger to the general public. We just had a failure on part of our process. A piece of our equipment failed. We’re melting glass and some of the refractory itself had failed and caused a small failure. The problem was, that small failure made it look worse than what it was because of the molten glass.”

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