Burn ban declared

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners declined to initiate a burn ban at their meeting Monday, July 28, but acknowledged the increasingly dry conditions in the county and agreed that County Judge Daniel Burkeen could initiate an emergency burn ban – which he did Monday, Aug. 4.
Although the occasional rain had kept the burn ban off so far, the Keetch-Byram Drought Index has indicated the land is continually getting drier. Emergency Management Director Matt Groveton told the court at the July 28 meeting that the KBDI measurement averaged 464 for the county that day.
KBDI measurements range from zero, meaning total saturation, to 800, meaning no moisture whatsoever. A reading of 570 is considered to be drought conditions, but the commissioners may initiate a burn ban when the reading is lower if they think conditions are dangerous. The KBDI reading across the county Monday ranged from 427 to 592, and averaged 518. The 14-day extended forecast ranged from 547 to 660, and averaged 611.
“We’ve had a lot of little grass fires,” County Judge Daniel Burkeen told the commissioners. “I’ve been seeing them everywhere. It’s mostly brush fires that people don’t pay attention to that get out of control.”

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