Paving the way of shame

For weeks now we have been grieved deeply due to the brick thrown causing bodily injury to a lady passing through our great city of Coolidge. Our prayers go out mightily for the victims all around, whether hit by bricks or the ones throwing bricks.
We the people, city employees, city council members and visitors bear godly shame in this whole ordeal. Now for years I have seen the hard work and efforts that our school system has in place to prepare the children to be the best and well-rounded citizens they can be. So they keep them busy with good, constructive activities. However, all the years I have been present in city council meetings, city employees, city business owners, city law officers, city council members have paved the way of shame for our children and our tax-paying citizens. We have continually experienced many false acts of managing city affairs based on citizens’ background, language and skin tone. And we are very proud that none of these things changes the good work and intentions of the school employees or board members.
However, when I knew that the city council had approved improving our city park with a pavilion and a safe place for all the families and their children to enjoy, I was very happy for some positive forward changes taking place to unite our city and our people. But many changes took place before the next public (open) council meeting.
I was on the agenda concerning the public park and pavilion. They said that everything had been put on hold, like the past 30 years, when a list of 108 names was placed in my hand by our convenience store owner, who told me y’all the majority did not want the pavilion to be built. I was told it had been put on hold since 108 is the majority of 948. So we knew it left all of us of color out but the one black lady they said represented blacks. We love her and we honor her. She is a schoolteacher, band director, bus driver, student driver teacher, a very long-time mayor pro tem that says: “I just do what they tell me to do.”
So keep this in your minds: She does not think or speak for us. We know how to think and speak, even if we are locked up or killed.
Our intentions are to be pillars of righteousness, love and respect for all of our citizens and especially our children. We all experience different problems daily because of forced idleness on all of our young people, after leaving our hard-working teachers and leaders. We refuse to allow anything that will be classified as a fun place for families with children. When we already know that any well-supervised place for family outings can prove to be very profitable for the city; but more so for our children’s development. The Bible tells us to train up a child. This especially means helping one another and fellowshiping in a true spirit of love. Then our tribe of children with free time can think on good things and make good choices.
“There is one body, and one Spirit…one hope…”
Gerald Dewey Henderson