Mexia News Editorial: Time to vote

Early voting begins Monday for the Mexia ISD school board and bond election. Every registered voter in Mexia ISD has eight days to cast a ballot. That's a total of 68 hours the polls will be open. There is no reason to not vote.
Every vote will play a role in deciding who helps lead the district as a school board member – Jackie Craig or Israel Flores. Every vote will play a role in deciding the future of our campus facilities.
Mexia has been very quiet over the issue of the bond package. A quiet community should imply that everyone knows what is at stake, knows the pros and cons on both sides and has a firm handle on how where they stand on the issue.
If we have a high voter turnout – in favor or against the bond package – then we can at least say the community took a stand. But if voters are going to ignore this election because the issue is not something they understand, or want to learn about, then we are making a monumental mistake.
The school district has created ample opportunities to hear about the issues with district facilities and chances to see these concerns first hand.
If those were missed or skipped, there is still time. Call Superintendent Sharon Ross with questions. Call The Mexia New office with questions. Go to The Mexia News Facebook page and post your question or concern and we will make sure you get an answer.
Mexia ISD needs to address problems with its schools, but even more important than that, we need to know that whether people support the bond or not, they are engaged in the discussion and not simply ignoring what is going on around them. Apathy is unacceptable.
You can be for it. You can be against it. But you can't ignore it.