Time to stop policing the world

There are more than 200 nations on the planet earth with a total world population of 7 billion. For every resident of the United States there are 20 people in our world.
Wars are in progress now in many nations. Some of our leaders promote our military involvement into Syria and Iran. Have they considered the experience of the United States’ military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam? Did the sacrifice of many lives and much treasure bring peace, prosperity and democracy to these countries that we occupied for more than 10 years?
The United States should discontinue serving as policemen for the nations of the world. The United States should cooperate with nations that share our core values and interests to promote peaceful international relations. Modern methods of communication could be used to inform and educate the citizens of the world. Economic incentives could be used to influence nations to seek laudable goals. Cooperating countries could use unified military posture to deter unacceptable conduct by rogue governments. The cooperating governments could develop programs in health, education, and agriculture to help underdeveloped countries. These programs could produce a positive influence for peace. Many other actions could be taken by unified cooperating nations in the quest for peaceful international relationships.
With a small fraction of the money that is being spent on wars much more could be done to elevate human welfare and promote peace.
Dale Brown