Law that ex-felons can’t run for office unfair

Each judge that reads his sentence to those convicted assures the prisoner that after the completion of the sentence the individual will be reinstated back to full citizenship and a chance to again be a productive citizen to their community. But once the prisoners come out of prison – with the good intention of being a positive blessing to their family and community – they face all types of obstacles.
Some people remind others you have a felony on your record to keep other people from thinking of your good work and efforts. They say you should be locked up, and they can’t understand how the law lets you walk around without fear. They fail to admit that even though you once walked outside of the law, now you have changed your life for good and now the law is your friend.
If you are an ex-felon, you can vote if you have fulfilled all the requirements of your sentence. Unfortunately, Texas has a law that if you have ever been convicted of a felony, you cannot run for public office, unless you get a pardon from the governor. This law fails to acknowledge that people can change their ways. The state should either repeal this law or put a limit on it so after time has passed with no further offenses, people can run for office.
Gerald Dewey Henderson
“Mr. Two by Two”