Mexia News Editorial: Prepare them to succeed

Monday marks the next new beginning in the lives of our local students.
From the kindergarteners nervously entering school for the first time to the high school seniors reveling in the final year of a long journey, every student is beginning again this week.
The community stepped up for our children in May, passing the MISD bond proposal to provide much-needed repairs and maintenance for district campuses.
When we send our children off to school we do so with a backpack overloaded with supplies, new clothes and sneakers and a haircut, but those items – or the money spent – are not really what prepares them for success.
We love our children and want the best for them. We want them to succeed, have choices we did not have and achieve all they can. We do not help them with any of those by giving them things. The supplies and quality facilities are important, but not most important. We help them in life by ensuring they are prepared and educated.
The way we can best help them be prepared and educated is showing our support and leaving no doubt in their mind that this education is the most important thing in their life. If we don't emphasize it and take it seriously, then how can we expect them to do so?
All the pencils, paper and glue sticks in the world can't make up for parents who get excited over what school means for their child. New jeans can't replace holding their hand as they walk through those doors Monday and being their for the big day.
Moms and dads alike need to be there for children as they start the school year. Let them know the work ahead will pay big dividends, even if they can't see them now. Let them know you are proud of them and recognize the effort they put in when they do well.
When they struggle, take part in the solution. Don't leave it to the teacher, or simply demand more. Sit with them and identify their struggles, work with them and do the things that demonstrate you are willing to put in the time to help them learn and grow. If you are too busy or disinterested, they will feel the same.
We have high expectations for our schools, but those campuses are not made up of teachers, administrators and support staff only. They are made up of students, parents, relatives and neighbors, all playing a part in nudging our children toward a bright future.