Mexia News Editorial: Texas still failing its students

In early 2013, District Judge John Dietz ruled that the State of Texas was failing its students through an inadequate, unfair public school funding plan.
Nearly three years later, the state has not improved on that failing grade. The legislature has had two sessions since the ruling, providing an opportunity to right this wrong. The legislature put some money back into schools in 2013 and relaxed academic standards to help counter the pain felt in Texas schools. The state is now relying on the Texas Supreme Court to overrule Dietz and say all is well.
Lowering standards is not the answer, realizing the importance of investing in education is. Instead, of addressing the problem, the legislature left Texas students and educators to work through three school years under the same old bad plan.
Like his predecessor, current Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues that the funding system in place meets the constitutional requirement of providing a “general diffusion of knowledge” and remains efficient.
That’s what we look for in the education of our children, right? Efficient, with a “general diffusion of knowledge”?
Educating our children fairly and thoroughly is not a cost or expense, it is an investment in our future. It is an investment in our future economy, our workforce and our ability to create and innovate. If we do the minimum, we can expect minimal results.
Today, cuts are being made in districts across the states and classroom sizes are growing. Today the diffusion of knowledge has to go a little farther than before on a little less money. Not only do we need to spend adequately on public education, but it is imperative the system is equitable for all students across the state.
When we are left scratching our heads 10 years from now because the next generation is not as well prepared for success, this is what we will point to as our failure, and then it will be too late.