Mind your little ones at games

Hello Everyone,
I certainly appreciate all of the ideas and concerns with unsupervised children at the games. To make sure that your children are safe and to cut down on the problems of children running around during the games, we are requiring that students7th grade and under be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter and attend the game. With that said, I do hope that we can work together to stop the problem of small kids running all over the place and bumping into people causing unsafe incidents to occur.
All students through 6th grade must sit with their parents at all times. 7th – 12th grade students have a student section they can sit in. Concession stand time for them will be during 2nd quarter. They must be back in their seats before half time. This will help with crowdedness at the concession stand. Any small children hanging on the fence or rails will be asked to sit down and not get back up.
Please help in controlling your children while attending the game. Yes, we have officials on duty but they too want to enjoy the game. People who pay for their tickets to watch the game, want to do just that! They pay to come and enjoy the game and not to have our children running and jumping over them.
Please disregard if you don’t have children unattended at the games or if yours are always with you. Thank you for your support in this matter.
Reserved seating: Please sit in the section where you purchased your ticket. If you did not purchase a reserved seating ticket, then simply don’t sit there. If you didn’t purchase a reserved seat ticket and you are asked to give up that seat by a school official or by the individual who has the reserved seat ticket, then simply do so in the spirit of doing what’s right. It is that simple, so please help me out with. this problem.
Mexia will be celebrating its annual Homecoming on Friday, Oct. 2 and there will be more people at the football game than usual. Please keep that in mind as you enjoy the game and cheer on the Blackcats. Our administrators have been working every game so they are there on duty. If everyone does his/her part, everyone can enjoy the game. Thanks so much for working together in the spirit of excellence. Creating a premier district takes everyone working together for the same vision!

Dr. Sharon Ross
MISD Superintendent