To deny the truth is to deny God

Dear Editor,

More and more of us see those in Washington in a lust for power and a worship of images, having this uncontrollable craving for control, but unaware of where or when they lost their reasoning, then their judgment. For they are incapable of recognizing any of it. It is like an old saying, “They must be out of their minds.”

That is so true. It is comparable to narcotics. First, you flirt with truth, and then you deny it. Then you court a lie and groom it, cultivate it and protect it. Congratulations! You’ve got your political graduation, but lost your judgment.

So you see, my fellow Americans, there are more and more of these kind of people each and every day. These people are not going to do the right thing because they are good people. You have to make them do the right thing.

Our government, or any government, is supposed to practice practical and orderly distribution of our money into a frugal and orderly entry of taxpayer’s money to run our national economy. This present administration is like a run-away locomotive on the path to the collapse of our system and total destruction of our structure. Only the blind cannot see the evil intent in this treason. 

Some say we are giving our country away. Half right! We are paying others to take it away from us. If there are a few that can’t see this, you must represent common sense in it’s most primitive form. Let it be said, never in history has a nation paid others to take a nation from itself. If we allow it, then we are indeed a Nation of Fools, and we will get what we deserve or deserve what we get. Deny truth, deny God.

James McGaugh